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The Birth of Citizens for Civic Involvement

In November 2016, here in Marlton, there were elections for 2 council members and 4 school board members. Five of the six people elected to those positions had a local political party supporting them logistically and financially. This type of support and these results were not unusual. In recent years, it has appeared that without the backing of a well-funded political party, an electoral candidate is at a disadvantage in Marlton.


Shortly after the 2016 election, the non-partisan political action committee Citizens for Civic Involvement (CFCI) was born out a desire to educate voters and support the election process in Evesham. CFCI aspires to

* level the playing field among electoral candidates,

* bring more balance to the electoral process, and

* support candidates who embrace fair, honest, respectful discourse and governance.


In the fall of 2017, CFCI endorsed 3 school board candidates. On a shoestring budget of $300, and a small band of volunteers, CFCI campaigned for incumbent Elaine Barbagiovanni, and newcomers Lea Ryan and Janis Knoll. All 3 of these candidates won election to the school board that November.


In November 2018, Marlton will elect 1 mayor, 2 council members and 3 school board members. CFCI will endorse and actively campaign for candidates for all of these races.


If you are interested in supporting CFCI's efforts this fall by donating time and/or treasure, contact us at info@citizensfci.org.  Monetary donation of any size are greatly appreciated and can be made at http://www.citizensfci.org/donate/


Visit us on the web (http://www.citizensfci.org/) or on Facebook @Citizensfci.




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