Jay Levenson


1. Why are you running for township council? Why now?

I’m a big proponent of community service and I have a lot to offer to continue the progress in Evesham. We have been fortune that because of the strong leadership we have in our municipal governing body, Evesham has received numerous accolades including recently being named the best place to live by Southjersey.com. There is still work to be done and I am looking forward to seeing and implementing the vision study to ensure Evesham Township’s continued future success.


2. What other boards or organizations have you been part of and how have these experiences prepared you to be a council member?

I have a long history of community involvement, which includes: the Marlton Rec Council; Rap Room; Marlton Business Association; South Jersey POPS Board; Relay for Life; Team Evesham; and many other volunteer organizations in nearby towns. I am also a former member of the Evesham Board of Education, so I believe I have the experience necessary to serve on council.


3. What do you think are the top issues facing Evesham and how would you address them?

Taxes is the number one issue that hear about from everyone I talk to about township issues. While our municipal governing body has done a great job in keeping municipal taxes low, I want to look for opportunities to further lower taxes and reduce our resident tax burden. While the municipality is only one of the three taxing entities in Evesham I want to the municipal Government to continue to find ways to do our part to lower taxes. Public safety is prime issue for many residents and I will do my part to make sure that our police have everything they need to keep our township and schools safe. While the township government has done a great job with attracting quality business we need to ensure, over the next four years, that we continue that trend.


4. Describe a time when you had a conflict or a conflicting view or opinion with someone you work with. How did you handle it? What was the result?

Years ago, my boss was preparing a presentation to upper management. I thought that he was taking a destructive approach and strongly recommended he make major changes. He prevailed as my boss and made the presentation he had prepared. The result was that he was fired a few weeks later.


5. How are you funding your campaign?

Through local fundraisings events.


6. How can voters learn more about you and your campaign?

On Facebook: Evesham Lower Tax Team - m.me/eveshamlowertaxteam and our website: http://eveshamlowertaxteam.com/


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