Steven Zeuli


1. Why are you running for township Mayor? Why now?

I grew up in Evesham, went to school in Evesham and graduated from Cherokee. Evesham is important to me and my family, am proud that the voters have seen fit to elect me to town Council. Serving as the Mayor of Evesham is something I have been interested in for a long time. People who know me know that I regularly give back to our community, and this is the perfect way for me to continue my public service. I am proud of all that the town has become in the last 10 years through the great work of our council and management team, but there is still more work ahead. Evesham has received strong recognition for our efforts during my time on council, including recently being named the best place to live by We cannot rest on past successes however, and I am running to lead Evesham into its next phase for the benefit of all our residents.


2. What other boards or organizations have you been part of and how have these experiences prepared you to be a council member?

I have been a member of the following organizations: LRHSD, Long Range Planning Committee; the Evesham Township Planning Board; and Chairman of the K. Kiki Konstantinos scholarship foundation. I have also been a member of the municipal council for almost eight years and have served as Deputy Mayor. The combination of both charity and municipal volunteer service have prepared me to lead my town, connect with residents, and work collaboratively with my Council peers and town management.


3. What do you think are the top issues facing Evesham and how would you address them?

Taxes is the number one issue that I hear about when I’m out and about in Evesham. High property taxes is a burden on all of us that pay them. I’m proud of the work me and my council mates have done to hold the line on municipal taxes where ever and whenever possible. What sets Evesham apart from other towns, and what makes this such a great place to live, is while controlling costs we deliver excellent services. I see a challenge of the next four years is navigating the increased need for public safety and other improvements around town while also keeping taxes under control. Public Safety, especially schools safety, is also a top issue. While on council I pushed for the initial funding to put police officers in our schools. We will continue to work with all stakeholders to ensure that we keep our children safe. Finally, Evesham continues to be a destination for new and interesting business and retail to locate. As someone who runs a small business, I will continue to work with businesses of all kinds that want to relocate to Evesham so our community continues to be South Jersey’s number one town.


4. Describe a time when you had a conflict or a conflicting view or opinion with someone you work with. How did you handle it? What was the result?

I am a very calm person by nature and always treat everyone with respect. It’s hard to come up with a single example. Running a business and serving on government conflict and disagreement happen regularly. I believe that one of the reasons I am most qualified to serve as Mayor right now is exactly because of my ability to navigate conflict and find resolution through conversation and compromise.


5. How are you funding your campaign?

Through local fundraisings events.


6. How can voters learn more about you and your campaign?

On Facebook: Evesham Lower Tax Team - and our website:






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