Jaclyn Veasy


1.     Why are you running for mayor of Evesham? Why now?

Jaclyn (Jackie) Veasy is running for Mayor of Evesham Township because she is committed to giving back to her community and because of her strong belief in civic responsibility. As a lifelong resident of Evesham, Jackie recognizes how many amazing benefits she has received from her community. Jackie is ready to give back to her community by serving as Mayor.

Jackie believes that voters deserve a choice every election, and after 40 years of living, playing, and working in Evesham Jackie sees no better time than now to run. Jackie sees an opportunity to change the culture of our Township Council in order to be more respectful and responsive to residences; to promote economic development paired with growing economic and environmental resiliency; and to combine progress without sacrificing Evesham’s history and identity.

2.     What other boards or organizations have you lead and how have these experiences prepared you to be a mayor?

Jaclyn Veasy is an active member at the St. Joan of Arc parish, serving as a Lector and Eucharistic Minister at Sunday Mass. With her mother, Jackie coordinates St. Joan of Arc’s Sunday-morning Children Liturgy program. Jackie is also an organizer and volunteers at St. Joan of Arc’s annual carnival.

In addition, Jackie volunteers and organizes for the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Marlton. From June 2016-2018, Jackie served as Vice Chair of the Evesham Township Democratic Committee, a role she entered after being concerned when she saw unchallenged candidates on the 2015 ballot. As Vice Chair Jackie organized civic and social events to bring residents closer together.

Jackie’s experiences as a volunteer and organizer in the community will translate well as Mayor. Her ability to coordinate and bring people together will be important for community affairs; bringing people together; and negotiating difficult township issues with various groups and people. Jackie’s positive attitude, creativity, and respect for the residents and community-at-large will also make her an excellent representative of the town to other local and state entities.

3.     What will your leadership philosophy be if you are elected mayor? 

Jaclyn Veasy wants to change the culture of our Township Council from its current state to one of collaboration and respect with and for all residents. Jackie is an open leader, eager to listen and understand people and their problems. As a Senior Claims Adjuster for a national insurance company, Jackie helps people when they are in difficult and serious situations on a day-to-day basis and she will bring her customer-service background and positive personality with her as she serves all of the residents of Evesham.

4.     What do you think are the top issues facing Evesham and how would you address them?

Jaclyn Veasy and her running mates for Township Council, Heather Cooper and Patricia Hansen, developed a platform that focus on several issues. At the top of the list is keeping our community and children safe. That’s the most essential job of any public servant. By building a stronger relationship with and developing a comprehensive safety plan with the school district and other community organizations in town, Jackie, Heather, and Patricia will tackle concerns about gun violence in schools, the opioid crisis, and other ills that could endanger residents.

Another important issue is economic development. Jackie, Heather and Patricia know that public officials should not stand in the way of progress. However, as elected officials they can stand up for the residents and neighborhoods that have concerns about new developments. Progress should be paired with respect for neighborhood concerns as well as the history and identity of our town, along with sustainability and creating a strong, resilient economy that can withstand economic downturns.

The bonus to having a comprehensive and resilient local economy means that there’s opportunity to stabilize property taxes and reduce the municipal debt. Stabilizing taxes will benefit residents young and old, from new families to retirees, and reducing the municipal debt will keep taxes down for future generations who want to live, work, play, and retire in Evesham.

5.     Describe a time when you had a conflict or a conflicting view or opinion with someone you work with. How did you handle it? What was the result?

As a senior member of her department at GEICO, Jaclyn Veasy is often looked to for feedback on training that is given to the department. In one instance, the department was presented information that came across as very negative although that was not the intention. Jaclyn spoke to the Supervisor who completed the training and Jaclyn provided feedback that she felt the information presented was very negative and frustrating. The Supervisor advised that was not the intention of the training and she felt that she had provided information about an area of improvement that did was not negative. 

In a review of the training, Jaclyn and her team discussed that the order in which the information was presented was the cause of the negative sentiment that was shared amongst Jaclyn and her co-workers. In turn, the Supervisor changed her presentation so that the second group receiving the information had a different presentation. Jaclyn asked her co-workers who attended the second presentation if they felt that the training was negative, and they said no.  The Supervisor appreciated the feedback and the fact that Jaclyn was not afraid to express her opinion and talk it out with her in order to make the presentation better.

Due to Jaclyn’s seniority in her department, she is often looked to as a leader. Jaclyn uses her even-keeled personality to keep the people around her grounded in challenging situations. Jaclyn also knows that it can be difficult for people to receive feedback and appreciates when someone like the Supervisor can make improvements to benefit others.

6. How are you funding your campaign?

Jaclyn Veasy and her running mates for Township Council, Heather Cooper and Patricia Hansen, are raising funds from individual donors and, thanks to their position of creating more local jobs from all of the development occurring, they have received local union support.

6.     How can voters learn more about you and your candidacy?

Voters can learn more about Jaclyn Veasy, Heather Cooper, and Patricia Hansen on their website, vch4evesham.com and on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Residents can also host the candidates for a house party with neighbors and friends, or join them for door-knocking and other volunteer opportunities.



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