Joe Fisicaro


1.  I’m running again, because I felt like now wasn’t the time to walk away.  As my daughter enters kindergarten I thought about hanging it up for good.  However, I realized that the problems we’re about to face as a district (state reduction of aid, Superintendent’s Contract, and the whispers of consolidation) were too pressing to leave at her feet.  I felt compelled to finish the job, and continue to protect the district as best as I could.


2.  I’m proud of many accomplishments the board made in the years I’ve been there.  What I am most proud of is maintaining and expanding as many of our programs as possible.  The most important aspect of a school district is it’s strong and varied programs.  Hiring more teachers to expand our gifted and talented programs, supporting our electives so they can grow and students can have a more robust learning experience, and supporting continued professional development for our highly qualified staff. 


3.  Evesham’s biggest issue is the newly announced state aid reduction plan.  The state is robbing us of important resources in the coming years which will require the next board to make some tough decisions.  I hope to be there to take this challenge on so we can protect as many programs as possible, and keep our students prepared for a 21st century world.


4.  Anyone whose followed my career on the board of education knows I am a man of deep convictions.  I don’t trade vote for favors, I am never backed into a vote, and I own every decision I make.  I have a respectful relationship with authority figures in the state, the town, and in the district.  I am never afraid to disagree, but I also know when to and not to be combative.  I do what I believe is right for the district, and I stand up to any one who challenges those beliefs.


5.  My campaign is recycling the same lawn signs I’ve used the last several election cycles.  I don’t expect to spend much money at all, just word of mouth, the signs in my garage, walking neighborhoods, and reaching people over the internet.


6.  You can learn more about my candidacy by following my re-elect Joe Fisicaro Facebook page.  You can always come speak to me at a BOE meeting, and you can always email me board of education questions on my page as well.



Joe Fisicaro Jr.



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