Jeffrey Bravo

1) Why am I running?
Basically I'm running because we're not done - the district is facing some MAJOR hurdles in the coming years with regards to state aid and new governance, and now, having three years experience,it's time to objectively examine everything and help point the district in a direction for years to come.
I also have a more selfish reason - I have a more vested interest in the district - my son.  As a parent of a seventh grader, I'm running to ensure the best possible educational experience and that the school district is running smoothly and constantly trying to improve.
2) My greatest accomplishments -
I'll be honest, I don't care for the phrasing of this question because I didn't accomplish anything - we did.
What I would say is a source of pride is the gathering of opinions, the paying attention to both sides of an argument, whether it be the closing and subsequent rentals of Evans or even executive session decisions, I've worked very hard to eliminate an "us versus them" approach and take it to rather an "us" approach.
3) Top issues -
Well the obvious answer is the forthcoming  state aid cuts. That being said, everything needs to be back on the table  and EVERYONE needs to be involved.  Like it or not, we're ALL stakeholder in this, and as such, we ALL need to be involved. Though we don't want anything to change, the fact is that it will, by necessity.  So - we need to come together, as a whole, to address this situation.
This brings me to the next issue: we are FAR TOO divided.  I take the approach that we all have good intentions for this town and therefore, critiques and opposition are two different things.  I can critique and support something - they are not mutually exclusive concepts. Just because we disagree, DOES NOT mean that we couldn't or shouldn't come together to come to a decision.
4) A time of conflict -
Before I answer this question, let me say that the Evans decision was one of THE MOST difficult decisions I have ever made. Looking out at emotional kids and parents was AWFUL. But in that light, those decisions are supposed to be difficult.
Conflict can be very difficult, but in the Evans decision it was abundant.  When I me with the mayor I was branded "the mayor's guy."  When I met with the superintendent, I was "a pawn of the superintendent."
But through it all, it wasn't about the conflicts and who was with whom, it was about avoiding external conflict, keeping objective and focusing on the issue at hand.  
WIth any and all conflicts, I try to remember the concept of "loyal opposition," the idea that we don't have to agree on everything, and frankly we shouldn't - but again, our intentions are good, we want the betterment of our schools, our town and the like.
5) How am I funded?
I am entirely self funded.
6) How to learn more about me?
I can be reached here via email or they can certainly message me as well.    
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