Eric Sperrazza

1. Why are you running for school board? Why now?

Great question! I have always been active working with kids on every level, from coaching Flag Football to running Kids Exercise Classes to being a Personal Fitness Instructor for Cherokee High School Athletes. I have four kids, myself, and three are in the Evesham School District. In wanting to be more active in my community, I looked to friends of mine like Stephen Cappello (Former Medford Board of Education Member & current Superintendent of Cinnaminson School District) and Jason Frey (Deputy Mayor of Riverside) and I kept going back to how brave I felt they were to unplug from merely voicing issues on a town social media page and deciding to be a part of the decisions and solutions to issues. It motivated me, and when I learned about available seats in my town for Board of education, I decided this was my moment to seize the day in being a part of MY kids scholastic experience, be a more integral member of my community and be a part of decisions that benefits kids on a grander scale than just an exercise class. So, with no experience in politics, and being relatively new to our community, I decided to find my own bravery and try to make a difference. 


2. What other boards or organizations have you been part of and how have these experiences prepared you to be a BOE member?

I have been on Fundraiser Committees at work and I am currently a 4th degree member of the Knights of Columbus. Beyond that I have been part of project teams in my field of adult education in the banking industry. Listening to focus groups, working with people of all backgrounds, finding common denominators and executing is what I do, professionally, anyway! I might as well do it to better my Township.


3. What do you think are the top issues facing the ETSD BOE and how would you address them?

Budget is a big one coming up. I will be curious to see how we can vote to delegate funds. I am big into wellness as well as the arts in schools and I would like to work on fighting against the narrowing of arts programs in the wake of PARCC requirements, as well. 


4. Describe a time when you had a conflict or a conflicting view or opinion with someone inpower or authority. How did you handle it? What was the result?

In business....especially always come across a time where you disagree with someone in authority. Last year, I was responsible for teaching a Series 3 Federal Licensing Test course for my employer. For two years, prior, they gave the work-seasoned adults 2 chances to pass before termination. Young men and women with no experience, right out of school, got 3 chances. In an odd move by a Decision-Making Manager, they changed the requirement for my demographic (Adults 5-12 years out of college with previous sales experience.) to a "one shot to pass or termination."  Now, the national average is only a 55% pass rate of the series 3 Exam on the first try. When the time came, my current class saw a 60% pass rate, but some real talent was let go. I believed, had the company stayed true to their "2 attempts" rule, they would've retained quality prospects with professionalism and battle-tested experience that would've moved the company dial. The Decision Making Manager would dismiss pull-ups about this. So, I had to politic, over the decision-maker's head, to begin the conversation with the VP of the Company. Then, I commissioned successful people earning thousands of dollars, each month, for the company to testify that they, too, needed a 2nd attempt to pass and had they been hired under the "one and done" ruling, they would have never generated the revenue they did for the company. In the end, the VP mandated that the decision-maker manager work with me to get those let go, re-tested and hired back, and the ruling was changed BACK to "2 Paid Attempts Before Termination," ever since.  Further, the Decision Making Manager respected my efforts so much, we have remained friends, ever since, and continually bounce ideas off each other, 


5. How are you funding your campaign?

I have no funds, at the moment, other than what is in my pocket for mailers. I am aggressively using tactics on Social Media and Meet & Greets to garner momentum, at a low cost. 


6. How can voters learn more about you and your candidacy?

Right now, I have a Facebook presence with my bio, some of my stances and pictures of me in the community with some of the teens I work with, as well as, my family.


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